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My craft is software development and ideas are my specialty. I provide my product through programming and design, ranging from video games to enterprise software to chat room bots. I hone my craft by continuing to challenge myself in personal and professional projects. I have a balance between ERP software and individualized applications, between both I am equally passionate.

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I studied Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University with specializations in Computer Graphics and Game Design. For extra-curriculars, I was a Humanitarian Engineering Scholar doing volunteer work in the local communities of Columbus. I also served as a trained moderator in the campus chapter of Sustained Dialogue, an institution that advocates for dialogue between the identities.


C#, Java, X++, SQL, HTML5, Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, WebGL

Unity3D, Monogame/XNA, Source SDK, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere

Visual Studio, Microsoft Dynamics 365/2012, Power BI

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